DrivingSchool4Me is a Texas based Driving School. Digital Awesome worked with the parent company Parent Taught Driver’s Ed to bring the training online.

The application needed to follow the strict state based curriculum and learning requirements. We worked with the company and state organizations to develop an application that actually generated the permit certificates online.

Other apps only give you practice tests but DrivingSchool4Me actually lets you take your permit test on the app and gives you your certificate right away.

Star AppStore Reviews
Certificates Completed

The mobile application has allowed us to reach an entirely new audience. Working with Digital Awesome was an amazing experience. They made building and managing a mobile app easy!

Jeff Adams, Parent Taught Driver's Ed

“This Is One Amazing App!”

The above statement says it all. The project started by looking at what was working with course engagement and mobile interaction at the application level. The project needed to be amazing but the budget for the MVP was tight.

After weighing quality, performance and cost we decided to utilize the ionic framework to develop the app. Our team took extra time to ensure the application looked and felt like a native application. No shortcuts were taken during the development process.

The final product is a polished app available on iOS and Android. The 5 star reviews by teen drivers proves the app can cut it with the best of them.

Key Takeaways

A hybrid app that feels native

We focused on utilizing the best and newest technologies in ionic in order to develop an app that feels professional. We pushed our team to squeeze amazing performance out of the hybrid framework.

Built for the future

The application and backend portal system was developed in order to accommodate multiple courses at different price points. The app is also built to handle multiple State courses.

A happy alternative to in-room learning

The app has seen an increasing number of users since it’s launch. Students are reviewing the app as an awesome alternative to the on-location driving school.

Services Provided

Customer Journey
Product Design
UX Research
UI Design
ionic Development
Hybrid App Development
API Services
Software Architecture
Web Development